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Tech Week Video #1:  Unpacking Your Device

If you are a new student, click on this link to view our tech week introduction video.  This video will help you to set up your computer for the first time.  YOU MUST LOG IN TO GOOGLE TO ACCESS THIS VIDEO!



Video #2:  Windows 10 Taskbar & Action Center Video




Video #3:  Windows 10 Personalization Video

Video #4:  Chrome Bookmaraks Video

Video #5:  Chrome's Settings, Your Way

Video #6:  Changing Your Chrome Settings

Video #7:  Chrome Tabs

Video #8:  Gmail & Searching

Video #9:  Finding Messages Using Gmail's Search

Video #10:  Think Before You Share

Video #11:  Filter & Refine Your Google Search Results

Video #12: Setting Up Google Calendar

Video #13: Google Drive: One Safe Place for All Your Stuff

Video #14: Meet the New Google Drive

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